Friday, January 8, 2010

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wino Magazine's Rocky Yeh Writes-Up Tavern Law

Check out the latest article on Tavern Law, this one from WINO Mag, where Yeh says, with Tavern Law:

"chefs/owners Brian McCracken and Dana Tough, along with bar manager David Nelson, further extend their vision of good food paired with exceptional drink."

Read the entire article online by clicking on the link above.

Thank you Rocky and WINO Mag!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Seattle Metropolitan Mag's Jess Voelker Suggests: Study "Bartender's Choice" in 2010

In her article entitled Improve Your Drinking in 2010: Simple resolutions for optimal imbibing this year Voelker shares Resolution #1:

"Embrace bartender’s choice. Alcohol is, admittedly, an indulgence. But even—no, especially—if you’ve resolved to drink less in 2010 (last year was a tough one for all of us), there are a few things you can do to get more bang for your liver-processing buck.

Here, five ways to drink better this year.

1. Leave it up to the bartender.

When Tavern Law opened on Capitol Hill last year, people raved about the upstairs bar. (Needle and Thread, I think they call it?) Accessed through a discrete hidden stairway, the hideaway bar offered no menus—patrons described to the tender their favorite spirits and tastes (sweet, bitter, etc) and the bartender mixed them up a cocktail of his choice.

Thing is, “bartender’s choice” has been the convention at cocktail bars for years—and it’s pretty much standard policy for serious drinkers. There’s no need to study up on sidecars and pisco sours before sidling up to a bar stool, just walk in and ask the bartender what he feels like serving. You’ll get better drinks, and learn something new.

This is also an excellent test if you’re unsure about a drinking establishment: if a bartender ever gives you a funny look, shrug, or surly retort after you ask what he/she recommends, you’re in a bad bar.

Places to practice: Zig Zag, Vessel, and Sambar."

Thanks for including us Jess!
Photo from Seattle