Monday, November 4, 2013

Catherine Allchin of the Seattle Times Calls Us "Elixir Wizards" in Sunday's Pacific Section Story on Tavern Law

Catherine joined us for a lesson in tinctures and wrote this terrific story in Sunday's newspaper. "Tinctures spice up winter cocktails", she writes. "A year and a half ago, Tavern Law started making tinctures using biodynamic methods, a natural extension of chef-owners Brian McCracken and Dana Tough’s philosophy of serving local and sustainable food."

"On the afternoon of the new moon, I walk into a Capitol Hill bar where people are opening small bags of dried herbs.
It’s not what you think. This is Tavern Law, before doors open, where the bartenders are having a “drop party,” making tinctures to spice up winter cocktails. The curvaceous wooden bar is decorated with coriander, cloves, cedar, orange peel, fennel bulbs and dill fronds.

A tincture is a highly concentrated extract made from clear grain alcohol, herbs and spices. Used as medicinal remedies, tinctures are also important tools in a bartender’s bag of tricks. At local bars like Canon, Tavern Law and Naga, award-winning mixologists craft house-made bitters, syrups and tinctures, all destined for the drinks of your dreams."

Read the article to get a recipe for your own make-at-home tincture and to hear more of what our "wizards" Amanda and Angela have up their sleeves.

Thank you to Catherine and the Seattle Times. Photo of Amanda Reed by John Lok for the Seattle Times.