Friday, August 27, 2010

Behind the Black Door: Sheehan writes on Tavern Law

"Here, drinks are the sole focus, and the bartender is there to make sure that every single person under his care gets just precisely what they want (or need) to make it through the night. There isn't even a cocktail menu for the upstairs bar, just a raised eyebrow, a questioning glance and a, "So what do you like..." from the man on the other side of the long oak."

Hear more about what Sheehan thinks by clicking on blog title above to read his entire article in the Seattle Weekly.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tavern Law First Anniversary Party

This Sunday night Tavern Law, named Seattle's "Best Old School Cocktails" (Seattle Weekly) and "Best New Bar" (Seattle mag's Reader's Choice awards), will be turning one and we'd love for you to join the celebration. Along with drink specials (don't miss the classic Hendricks Martini or sip a Floradora, named after Broadway's first musical hit in the early 1900s) we'll have specials on food as well. Not to miss items include the fried peppers, burger and salmon.

We open at 5pm, the party gets going at 7pm, and all who buy a drink will be entered to win great gifts. (The four drawings will be on the hour starting at 7:3o pm. Must be present to win.) A photographer will be roaming the room and our fine bartenders are poised to serve. Will we see you there?

I.d. kindly required.

photo by Bob Peterson. Special thanks to Hendricks Gin.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seattle Weekly Awards Tavern Law with Their "Best Old School Cocktails" 2010 Award

We so appreciate the nod given to our "canonical cocktail menu" with this award today by the Seattle Weekly.

The story reads, "The shrub. The cobbler. The fizz, the flip, and the sling. They may sound like dance moves or a list of deviant sex acts, but they're really ways your great-grandmother got hammered way back in the day. And now you can take after her at Tavern Law—where not only can you drink like they did in the old days, but get an education as well, since just about every drink on its canonical cocktail menu comes with a brief description of where it came from, who invented it, and why. The bar makes a point of searching out old, dead, lost, and forgotten mixed drinks and bringing them back to life in as close to their original incarnations as possible, sourcing all manner of super-artisan or ridiculously small-batch liquors and mixers and making everything else from scratch. The resulting drinks are not only some of the best you've ever tasted, but inarguable proof that dedicated, bookish bartenders can be just as creative and artistic as the greatest chefs out there. And also that your great-grandma really knew how to party. —Jason Sheehan 1406 12th Ave., 322-9734"

Take a tour of the other winners by clicking on the blog title above. And our sincere thanks to the Seattle Weekly.