Friday, May 22, 2009

Food & Wine magazine Spills our Secret Nationally

Assistant Editor Kelly Snowden of Food & Wine magazine wrote today about Tavern Law:

Seattle's Next Speakeasy
By Kelly Snowden, Assistant Editor
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It hasn’t even been a year since Seattle’s Brian McCracken and Dana Tough opened Spur Gastropub, but they are already neck-deep into their next project. Piggybacking onto the speakeasy trend that has been sweeping from East to West, they will debut Tavern Law in late June, a joint project with bartender David Nelson. The trio visited many New York City haunts, such as PDT, Pegu Club and Milk & Honey, to get inspired for their next spot, which will be in the city's new Trace Lofts. When Tavern Law opens, expect to see a chalkboard menu with bar-friendly dishes like their take on the Monte Cristo, with slow-cooked pork shoulder on a brioche bun with huckleberry compote. Nelson, who made the tinctures and bitters for Spur, will offer a new lineup of drinks as well, including his interpretation of a Bourbon Swizzle with lemon juice, falernum and chartreuse."

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

“Spurred on by success Spur team to open Tavern Law”: Nancy Leson, Seattle Times.

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In her column Seattle Times food and restaurant writer Nancy Leson tells the story of our team’s newest venture opening this summer. As well as updating readers on the food and focus at Spur, Leson wrote that “now they're set to do it all over again with Tavern Law -- a "speakeasy bar" expected to open late next month at the Trace Lofts complex on Capitol Hill.

Today, the windows at 1406 12th Avenue stand covered, but what we'll eventually find inside is seating for 80, upstairs and down. "It's going to have a very dark-wood masculine feel downstairs, with a beautiful mahogany curving bar and a vintage cooler behind that," says Tough. A 20-foot Venetian-plaster mural depicting a lovely lady draped in a glamorous gown will overlook bookcases, dark leather banquettes and booths, and we can expect "some little surprises along the way."

It will come as no surprise that these roaring 20-somethings and masters of the memorable menu plan to replicate the formula that's brought them so much praise. Nor that (barman David) Nelson will fuel the fire on the Hill with another classic cocktail agenda. "David's staying true to that era," says Tough.

McCracken describes their chalkboard menu as short and ever-changing "so it doesn't get boring." We might find tweaks on a wedge salad with Green Goddess dressing, perhaps a Monte Cristo sandwich, or clams and oysters dolled up in Casino finery. McCracken insists their fare will be "less fussy" than Spur's but no less appealing. Prices? They'll call $15 the ceiling.

"Capitol Hill is a vibrant, fun neighborhood and there's always energy out on the streets," says McCracken of their decision to hit the Hill with their second location. And given the proximity of colleges and an oft-changing restaurant landscape, "Capitol Hill will always stay young," says Tough. "People go out every night of the week." Unlike Belltown, "it's not so much a destination spot, it's a self-contained neighborhood."

If anybody can capture the zeitgeist of Capitol Hill and its growing collection of go-to eat-and-drinkeries it's these young cowboys of cuisine…”

construction photo of Tavern Law’s future space and mural by Kat.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Seattle Weekly's Voracious writes about Tavern Law

Maggie Dutton of the Seattle Weekly reported this afternoon on our soon-to-open spot on Capitol Hill. She writes:

"Tavern Law, Spawn of Spur, Coming to Capitol Hill in June: I have no idea where anyone is finding the money to open a restaurant or bar in these tough economic times, but more power to them. I will be perplexed and still get excited about chef owner Brian McCracken and co-chef Dana Tough of Spur opening a second joint. Ridiculously talented bartender David Nelson will concoct cocktails rooted in the classics. Tavern Law shoots for a late June opening in the crown jewel spot of the Trace Lofts, at 12th Ave E. & Madison. Click on the link above for the official word from the bar's blog and follow along. In other news, I covet that glass.*"

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*Maggie's referring to the glass depicted on our blog photo here-- part of a collection McCracken's been culling.

Photo by Kristin Zwiers.

We're Opening on Capitol Hill: Summer 2009

Seattle Chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough are opening a new speakeasy style bar in Seattle. Last summer the duo opened Spur Gastropub in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood which has already been recognized as one of the country’s six top gastropubs by Food & Wine magazine. This year they join lead bartender David Nelson in opening Tavern Law in late June on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. The 21-and-over restaurant/bar will anchor Trace Lofts, the historic-meets-modern residential and retail project located on 12th Avenue within the Pike Pine Triangle. At Tavern Law the trio will focus on classic cocktails and full-flavored, refined foods served in an environment reminiscent of Speakeasy-era establishments of the 1920’s.

In 1832 the Pioneer Inn and Tavern Law legalized drinking in public bars and saloons. The Golden Age of cocktails thrived for nearly a century until the 1919 Volstead Act almost destroyed the craft by outlawing the production and pleasure of alcoholic beverages. However, in hidden rooms and dark basements, thirsty patrons still sought spirits. And so the Speakeasy was born, booming until the repeal of Prohibition in 1933. Tavern Law is a celebration of this history. To join Tavern Law’s email list for more information, email us at .