Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Must Drink List: Tavern Law Honored to Make Seattleites' List

The kind editors over at Seattleite let us know that the cocktails here at Tavern Law are some of the City's best. In fact, Ian Cargil's Monical drink has made the list of the five best.

They write, "Try these top five sip sensations the next time you hit the town. The colder weather calls for this surprising sipper. The drink begins with a firm earthy and peaty taste from the Ardbeg Scotch (cited on its web site as “perhaps the most peaty malt whiskey in the world”) and slowly changes flavor gears to a semi-sweet apple for the finish. An excellent starter drink for those looking to enter the world of scotch."

To take a tour of all five drinks, and to see the recipe for Ian's Monical, click on link above.

Thank you Seattleite.