Sunday, May 10, 2009

Seattle Weekly's Voracious writes about Tavern Law

Maggie Dutton of the Seattle Weekly reported this afternoon on our soon-to-open spot on Capitol Hill. She writes:

"Tavern Law, Spawn of Spur, Coming to Capitol Hill in June: I have no idea where anyone is finding the money to open a restaurant or bar in these tough economic times, but more power to them. I will be perplexed and still get excited about chef owner Brian McCracken and co-chef Dana Tough of Spur opening a second joint. Ridiculously talented bartender David Nelson will concoct cocktails rooted in the classics. Tavern Law shoots for a late June opening in the crown jewel spot of the Trace Lofts, at 12th Ave E. & Madison. Click on the link above for the official word from the bar's blog and follow along. In other news, I covet that glass.*"

Thanks Maggie.

*Maggie's referring to the glass depicted on our blog photo here-- part of a collection McCracken's been culling.

Photo by Kristin Zwiers.

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