Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a recent menu

Pan seared butterfish. $15
fregola sardi, kale, herb couslis

Cod fritters. $9
sauce remoulade, lemon, Chervil

Foie gras terrine. $15
angostura bitters gelee, warm toast

Pork belly. $14
cranberry beans, autumn plums, mustard

Braised shortribs. $15
spaetzle, fondue, red onion jam

Lolla Rossa lettuce. $7
fennel, picholines, parmesan

Baby beets. $9
chicory, Alioli, pecorino Romano

Truffle risotto. $14
celery, Parmesan, olive oil

1 comment:

Juliet said...

I was at the Tavern Law Nov. 15, 2009. The atmosphere was fantastic, service was good, but I must say that the food was extremely salty. I thought the items sounded amazing, but when eating the first few bites, my mouth needed to be quenched immediately with water. I couldn't finish my pan seared butterfish. the salad was good, but salty as well. and then the butterscotch ice cream had salt in it, the ice cream was good, but i couldn't have more salt. perhaps the chef wasn't aware, or maybe this is intentional to keep you purchasing drinks.
i do want to come back again! hopefully next time it will be better!